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Avocat en droit des affaires Luxembourg Marseille

Business Law
Intellectual Property

Based in Luxembourg, the heart of Europe, Marseille, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, and Burbank, California, with a Japan Desk, Valette Bove Law Firm provides legal services in many areas of intervention.
Expert in
business law, corporate law and intellectual property law at an international level, Valette Bove Law Firm provides assistance and advice to both companies and individuals.
Our lawyers 
represent your interests before the Luxembourg, French and European Courts.

Luxembourg, Marseille, California

3 Bars | 3 Offices | Luxembourg | France | California | Japan Desk

Avocat en droit commercial à Marseille, Luxembourg, Californie


Setting up companies in Luxembourg and in France, litigation in commercial law, legal actions for unfair competition, debt collection, contract law, distribution law, terms and conditions, ...

Avocat en droit international à Marseille, Luxembourg, Californie


International contracts, litigation in international commercial law, litigation before the European Union Courts (European Commission, ECJ, ECHR), EU competition law, ... 

Avocat en droit des affaires, Japon, Japan Desk, à Marseille, Luxembourg, Californie


Setting up Japanese companies in Luxembourg and France, investments for Japanese companies in Luxembourg and France, setting up French companies in Japan, investments for Luxembourg and French companies in Japan, ...

Avocat en droit du travail à Marseille, Luxembourg, Californie



Drawing up and analysis of employment contacts, negotiation, termination by mutual consent, dismissal proceedings, litigation before the Labor Courts in Luxembourg, ...

Avocat en droit de la propriété intellectuelle à Marseille, Luxembourg, Californie


Copyright and related rights, domain names, trademarks (filing proceedings of trademarks, trademark monitoring, opposition proceedings before the BOIP, INPI, EUIPO), design law, patent law, plant breeders' rights, PDO, AOC, ...

Avocat en droit des nouvelles technologies à Marseille, Luxembourg, Californie



IT contracts, IT services contracts, softwares contracts, terms and conditions for websites, advertisement law, French  Tech, artificial intelligence (AI), ...

Avocat en droit des données personnelles (RGPD) à Marseille, Luxembourg, Californie


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance: employment contracts, consumer contracts, commercial contracts, records of processing activities, privacy by design & by default, GDPR representative...

Business Law


Business law concerns the various legal aspects of business life and mainly includes commercial law, company law and commercial litigation. In the field of commerce, Valette Bove Law Firm supports entrepreneurs in setting up their company in Luxembourg and in France and defends their interests in the event of commercial disputes. Valette Bove Law Firm helps companies in their actions in unfair competition, debt collection but also in contract and distribution law procedures.
Our lawyers also assist you in the field of labor law, whether it concerns the drafting and analysis of employment contracts, negotiation, contractual termination, dismissal proceedings or litigation.
Moreover, Valette Bove Law Firm has expertise in international business law (international contracts, litigation in international commercial law, European competition law, etc.) and also has a Japan desk, a legal service for all your projects. and procedures in relation with Japan (establishment of Japanese companies in France and Luxembourg, establishment of Luxembourg and French
 companies in Japan, visas, residence permits, etc.).

Intellectual Property Law and IT law


If you are looking for a lawyer in Luxembourg, in Marseille or in California, who is an expert in intellectual property law and IT, Valette Bove Law Firm puts its expertise at your service. In order to protect and enhance your creations, our lawyers support you in the acquisition, concession or transfer of intellectual property rights. The scope covers copyright and related rights, trademark law (filing a trademark, monitoring, opposition proceedings before the INPI (French National Institute of Intellectual Property)), the designs, patent rights or plant variety certificates and protected designations of origin (AOC, AOP).
Regarding IT law, our lawyers provide legal advice, assistance and representation for your procedures in the field of E-commerce, IT contracts or even Artificial Intelligence.
The lawyers of Valette Bove Law Firm can also assist you in the management of personal data, in particular in the context of compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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