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Contract & Tort Law Attorney in Luxembourg

Are you looking for a lawyer in Luxembourg, specialized in Contract and Tort Law ? Valette Bove Law Firm is the right law firm for you. 


We offer a legal service of advisory, assistance and representation for all your projects and procedures in contract law, tort law and real estate law, more specifically in the following areas:

Avocat spécialisé en droit civil au Luxembourg

Contract Law

- Drafting and negotiation of contracts

- Advisory service and procedure in contract liability

Tort Law

- Proceedings in tort law : claim for damages

Real estate law

- Defending the interests of landlords to recover unpaid rent in leases and commercial leases

- Airbnb regulations

- Advisory service and procedure in co-ownership law

​​​​​​​ - Advisory service and procedure in construction law

Investments in Luxembourg

- Advisory service and assistance for investments in Luxembourg

Property law

- Property law, matrimonial regime, Civil Real Estate Company (SCI), Family Wealth Management Company (SPF)

Inheritance law, gifts

- Inheritance law, gifts

Divorce, separation

- Advisory service and assistance during divorce proceedings by mutual consent

- Procedure for a new divorce by mutual consent in Luxembourg

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