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Labor Law Attorney
in Luxembourg

Do you encounter a problem or a dispute concerning the drafting, the analysis of an employment contract, or its termination ?

Your labor law firm in Luxembourg will deal with your legal issues related to labor law, involving the drafting of the employment contract, its execution and its termination.

Termination of the employment contract takes place with a termination by mutual agreement, dismissal with notice or dismissal with immediate effect for serious misconduct .

Your labor lawyer registered with the Luxembourg Bar defends employers but also employees, and provides you with advice according to your situation.

Valette Bove Law Firm can also advise you and ensure your defense in social security law before the social courts.

The firm is a service provider to a major Luxembourg organization in labor law and social security law, as well as to various companies, thus benefiting from the best experience in this area.

Avocat spécialisé en droit du travail au Luxembourg

More specifically, Valette Bove Law Firm will be able to draft and analyze your employment contracts (CDI, CDD, etc.).

The firm will also be able to advise you usefully concerning working conditions, implying the existence of a collective agreement, working time, maternity leave, parental leave, safety, hygiene, etc.

The firm will advise you when changing the conditions of an employment contract.

In the event of dismissal, the firm may write the letter of dismissal and the letter of reasons for the dismissal.

The firm can then represent you before the Labor Court, in the event of an action for unfair dismissal  (" How does an employment lawsuit work in Luxembourg? ")

We distinguish the dismissal with the legal notice or with immediate effect for serious misconduct, for lack of skills, unjustified absences, abandonment of post (...), or economic .

In all cases, the letter of reasons for dismissal must be very reasoned, sufficiently precise for the employee to understand the reason for his dismissal.

Following the dismissal, the firm can advise you in the negotiation of a transactional agreement for an amicable settlement.

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