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Intellectual Property Law Attorney
in Marseille

Do you have a dispute concerning an intellectual work, a musical composition, a trademark, a software or a patent ? Your firm law specialized in intellectual property in Marseille, Valette Bove Law Firm, will handle all of your legal issues related to intellectual property law. This involves trademark law, copyright, patent law including the filing of patents, the application of the GDPR, as well as other related rights. As an expert in business law, your lawyer will ensure your defense and provide you with a legal advice based on your situation.

Avocat spécialisé en droit de la propriété intellectuelle à Marseille

The author of a text, of a poem or a novel, the composer of a music or a song, has exclusive rights to his creations and a right to their protection, which means the prohibition of their reproduction by other people.


Likewise, the creator of a logo, a brand or a design aspires to their protection.


This is precisely the object of intellectual property law, which is traditionally and internationally, classified into two categories :  literary and artistic property and industrial property.

Copyright Lawyer

Intellectual works are protected by copyright. Do you want to file a lawsuit for copyright infringement ? Your law firm masters the rules and case law in copyright. It will provide you with a full defense until you obtain legal compensation for damages. If you wish to assign your copyright, your law firm will draft copyright or license assignment contracts in order to secure the transaction, both for the assignor and for the assignee.

Trademark Lawyer

- Procedure for registering a trademark (prior art search, procedure for filing French trademarks with the INPI, Benelux trademarks with the BOIP, European Union trademarks (formerly called "community trademarks") with the EUIPO, international trademarks
  Trademark monitoring at the French, Benelux, European Union and / or international level, with regular data analysis and expert advice
- Opposition procedure
 in trademark law before the INPI
- Drafting / Negotiation of
  contracts  in trademark law (assignments, licenses, co-ownership regulations)
  Litigation in trademark law

Design law Lawyer

Have you designed a new product and do you want to protect its design ? Valette Bove Law Firm will draft the legal documents and take care of the filing of designs with the INPI. Entrepreneurs and companies regularly need legal advice to protect the originality of their projects.
Thus, your production will benefit from a copyright which will allow you to initiate a claim for infringement in the event of plagiarism, with a claim for unfair competition if necessary.

Patent Lawyer

- Procedure for filing a patent application (filing a patent application in France, in Europe, and at an international level (PCT) (Patent Cooperation Treaty)
- Opposition procedure 
- Drafting / Negotiation of contracts in the field of patent (assignments, licenses, co-ownership regulations)
 Litigation in the field of patent
- Litigation of
 employees' inventions

IT law Lawyer

New technologies are an integral part of our daily life. Also, an abundant case law has developed in recent years around software license and development contracts, terms and conditions, digital supply contracts, etc. Your law firm will take care of all your legal arrangements such as: license agreements, distribution agreements, partnership agreements, artist agreements...

Personal data protection Lawyer (GPDR)

According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), your activities and the products of your companies must respect the confidentiality of the data that is processed in your IT departments. Your law firm assists you in all the compliance process with pragmatic legal advice, taking into account your specificities. Are you subject to a GDPR compliance audit by the authorities ? Your law firm will ensure your defense throughout the interview, and a posteriori, in the event of legal proceedings.
Are you planning international projects? We will support you in setting up international projects, in partnership with foreign lawyers. Your law firm carries out audits and maps of the processing of personal data in order to assess the risks incurred by your company.

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