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Copyright & Related Rights Attorney
in Luxembourg

Any original creation can benefit from the copyright protection.


Are you looking for a Copyright & Related Rights Lawyer in Luxembourg ? Valette Bove Law Firm is the intellectual property law firm in Luxembourg that suits you.

Avocat spécialisé en droits d'auteur et droits voisins au Luxembourg

We offer a legal service of advisory, assistance and representation for all your projects and procedures, in copyright & related rights, more specifically in the following areas:

1. Copyright & Related Rights Protection

There is a non-exhaustive list of works likely to be protected and case law specifies on a case-by-case basis those that can be protected. These are literary and artistic works: literature, music, audiovisual, art, digital (softwares, including preparatory design material). (Literary and artistic property)


We offer a legal service for:

- Protection and enhancement of Luxembourg, Benelux, European and international copyrights

- The protection and enhancement of software at the Luxembourg, Benelux, European and international level


Related rights are rights independent of copyright on literary and artistic works : they are exclusive and granted to certain auxiliaries of such creations : performers, producers of phonograms, producers of videograms,  audiovisual communication companies.


We offer a legal service for:

- The protection of related rights :  performers, phonogram producers, videogram producers,  audiovisual communication companies

2. Drafting/Negotiation of Copyright and Related Rights Contracts

We offer a legal service for the drafting / negotiation of contracts in terms of copyright & related rights, in particular the following:


- Musical or literary publishing contract

- Co-publishing contract

- Pact of editorial preference

- Galleries and exclusive representation contract

- Broadcast contract

- Actor contract

- Model agency contract

- Representation contract

- Exploitation and assignment of copyright contracts

- Production or co-production contract

- Contract for the purchase of television broadcasting rights for cinematographic films ​​​​​

​​ - Sponsorship or artistic partnership contract

3. Copyright & Related Rights Procedures

We offer a legal service for copyright and related rights proceedings, and in particular the following:

- Copyright infringement claim

- Procedure for claiming an intellectual work

- Procedure for seizure-infringement in matters of copyright

4. The Sui Generis Right of Database Producers

The sui generis right of database producers is a third sub-category within literary and artistic property, in addition to copyright & related rights : it stems from an European directive of March 11, 1996. This directive is at the origin of additional protection for databases, transposed into the national legislation of each Member State of the European Union. This protection comes in addition to that conferred by copyright and requires the fulfillment of very specific conditions. The database producer is defined there as “the person who takes the initiative and the risk of the related investments”.


We offer a legal service for any advice relating to the protection of databases.

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