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Terms & Conditions and Fee Agreement for Online Services



"Lawyer": Christine Valette and/or Anaïs Bove

“Law Firm”: Valette Bove Law Firm

"Website": Law Firm's Website

"User": means any private individual over the age of 18 and enjoying full legal capacity, or any legal person of private or public law subscribing to the Services.

"Service(s)": designate(s) the services that may be offered by the Law Firm on the Website such as (i) Appointment, (ii) Phone consultation and (iii) Written consultation.

"Secure payment solution": set of payment tools made available on the Website.

"Internet": network of several servers linked together and whose location is based in various geographic locations around the world.



The User acknowledges that Internet is an open network, made up of international interconnection of computer networks and that no one can guarantee the proper functioning of the Internet as a whole. Access to the service is possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except in the event of force majeure, possible maintenance or breakdown actions, or an event beyond the control of the Law Firm. The Law Firm cannot be held liable for the interruption of services due to failures or malfunctions of Internet or even when the Law Firm temporarily interrupts access to all or part of its Website.



Any online order on the Website implies full acceptance of these terms and conditions conditions which prevail over any purchase condition, except formal and express derogation from the Law Firm.

The User can use the online ordering services for the following Services:

  • Appointment: this service allows the User to make an appointment with the Law Firm, by paying the price of the Service by credit card in advance on the secure payment area of ​​the Website.

  • Phone consultation: this service allows the User to order a phone consultation, by paying in advance the price of the Service by credit card on the secure payment area of ​​the Website.

  • Written consultation: this service allows the User to ask a question to get elements of answers to certain legal problems or obtain details concerning a legal term, by paying the price of the Service by credit card in advance on the secure payment area of ​​the Website.


The User acknowledges and accepts that, whatever the Services ordered, the following principles apply:


  • Lawyers are free to set their fees in accordance with their ethical rules;

  • The Website allows the payment of Services in the package exclusively, for technical reasons and management of payment of the Services, according to the prices in force all taxes included indicated on the Website.




The User must complete an order form in which he indicates the desired Service, his last name, first name, a valid email address and phone number, and possibly a personalized text to provide details on the subject of his order. The User also enters his preferences for the day on which the Service is performed. Once these elements are completed, the User makes his payment by credit card.

The Law Firm undertakes to provide the Service ordered by the User within a reasonable time.

For Appointments: the Law Firm will confirm to the User by email, phone or any other means at its convenience the date and time of the appointment.

For phone consultations: the Law Firm will contact the User at the phone number that the latter indicated when he ordered the Service.

For written consultations: the Law Firm will send by email to the User the elements of answer to the question asked by the User to the email address that the latter indicated when he ordered the Service.

In the event that the Law Firm is unable to provide the Service ordered, it may within 5 days of payment by the User, cancel the Service. The User will then be automatically and fully reimbursed for the amount of the Service that he paid online via an automated procedure integrated into the Secure Payment Solution, and will in no case be able to request cancellation compensation or take advantage of any harm.

The amount paid by credit card by the client is automatically withdrawn from the payment platform after these 5 days and transmitted to the Law Firm's bank account, whether the Service has already been provided or not.



The prices of the Services provided by the Law Firm are indicated in Euros, all taxes included.

The price of the Services is exclusively paid via the Secure Payment Solution (which uses Electronic Money) offered on the Website. The Secure Payment Solution is made available by the supplier SAS JURIHUB (SAS with capital of 56,846.00 euros, 2 rue Palais Grillet 69002 Lyon- RCS LYON B 533 391 066), which integrates the payment tools of an issuer of electronic money, SA MANGOPAY (Public limited company under Luxembourg law with share capital of 500,000 euros - RCS Luxembourg B173459, Headquarters 59 Boulevard Royal, L-2449, authorized to carry out its activity in France as an authorized electronic money establishment by the Financial Sector Supervisory Commission). The Secure Payment Solution makes it easier to carry out and manage transactions in an encrypted manner.


By ordering a Service, the User acknowledges, when he accepts these Terms and Conditions, also fully and entirely accept the "MangoPay Framework Contract". If the User does not accept this “MangoPay Framework Contract”, he must imperatively cancel any order for Services to the Law Firm.



By subscribing to an order for a Service online on the Website, the User accepts that the Services he entrusts to the Law Firm via the Website are fully executed within a reasonable time after payment of the Service. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the User expressly waives his right of withdrawal upon confirmation of his order. The User has no right of withdrawal, which he expressly recognizes and accepts.



By paying for a Service on the Website, the User acknowledges that he accepts, without reservation, by this action, the fee agreement with the Law Firm, the terms of which are as follows:

Engagement of the Law Firm:

The engagement of the Law Firm is to provide the Service(s) ordered on the Website and paid for online by the User. The Law Firm undertakes to carry out the engagement entrusted to it within a reasonable time. In case of emergency or necessity, the Law Firm may be replaced by a lawyer of its choice.


Law Firm's fees:

For the performance of the Service, the fees of the Firm are set at a flat rate in accordance with the price mentioned on the Website, which is expressed all taxes included according to the conditions in force at the time of payment of the Service.

These fixed fees therefore only concern the Service ordered and paid online by the User and do not cover the costs or the additional diligences which will, where appropriate, be remunerated according to the terms and conditions agreed directly between the parties and defined by an agreement. separate fees.

Payment of fees and invoicing:

By accepting this fee agreement and subject to the acceptance of the assignment by the Law Firm, the User consents to a pre-authorization to record the price of the Service, via the secure payment page, by credit card and to the exclusion of any other method of payment. The price of the Service is canceled in favor of the Law Firm at the end of a period of 5 days. In the event that the Law Firm has canceled the Service ordered by the User within 5 days of payment, no fee will be due and the User will not be charged fees corresponding to the Service he has ordered.

Settlement of disputes:

In the event of a dispute relating to the validity, interpretation or execution of this agreement, the President of the Bar Association to which the Law Firm belongs may be contacted at the request of the most diligent party.

If the User has the status of French consumer, within the meaning of the French Consumer Code, he can contact, if he wishes, the national ombudsman for consumption of the legal profession:
22 rue de Londres, 75009 Paris


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